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Amethyst Cloud Goddess Waist Bead

Amethyst Cloud Goddess Waist Bead

Introducing the Amethyst Cloud Goddess Waist Bead – a celestial embrace around your waist.


This exquisite piece is more than a mere adornment; it's a wearable manifestation of inner wisdom and calm strength. Crafted with love and intention, each bead in this waist adornment is a testament to your unique journey. The heart of this piece lies in its amethyst embellishments, a crystal known for its tranquil and protective energies. Amethyst, a beacon of calm and clarity, is believed to soothe the mind and spirit, fostering a deep connection with your inner self.


The serene dance of purple hues and subtle sparkles of blue glass seed beads intertwine to create a cloud-like illusion, enveloping you in an aura of mystique and elegance. Secured with a gold clasp closure, it offers both style and a perfect fit.


Custom-tailored for every Tempress, our size range from XS to XXL ensures that your Goddess Waist Bead is as unique as you are.


                                                          Sizing is as followed

XS: 24-25”

S : 26-27”

M: 28-30”

L: 31-33”

XL: 34-35 ”

XXL: 36-37 “


Should you desire a custom size, simply reach out to us at



By wearing the Amethyst Cloud Goddess Waist Bead, you're not just adorning your body; you're embracing a symbol of tranquility, spiritual growth, and self-empowerment. Wrap yourself in its beauty and let it be a reminder of your own resilience and grace.

  • Additional Details

    Crafted on Durable Nylon String for longevity, with options for Cotton String or Stretch Elastic String (No Clasp) available upon request, each waist bead is MADE TO ORDER, making it a personalized, non-refundable treasure.

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