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Q: Who is a T’Empress?

A: A T’Empress is an empowered woman who is strong, sensual, and spiritually in tune with her body and surroundings. She knows her temple and visits it daily! She graces the world with her beauty and expresses herself confidently. T’Empress’ are just that- Empress’, Queens who aren’t afraid to channel their inner Goddess.

Q: How does one become a T’Empress?

A: Anyone can be a T’Empress and that means you too! All you need to do is embrace yourself. Take the time to practice self-care, self-love and get to know yourself, these are the first and most important steps to becoming a T’Empress. Everything effortlessly falls in to place after that and before you know it, with every breath you take you will begin to feel and embody a T’Empress.

Q: Who are our products for?

A: Our products are made with you in mind! Since a T’Empress is a multifaceted woman, our products were made to attend to all her needs. Whether you are in search of natural products that nourish your skin and hair, tools and accessories that help you connect with your inner spirit or simply a muse looking for new ways to express and inspire yourself- we have products for you. We have everything you need to connect and empower your inner goddess.


Q: What is the meaning, purpose, history, and/ or significance of waist beads?

A: The art of adorning oneself with waist beads has been an age-old African tradition dating back to the 15th century. Some believe that the practice started in Ancient Egypt while others believe it started in West Africa. Regardless of where it started, many regions in Africa wear waist beads for various reasons during different stages in one’s life. The reasons range from femininity, sensuality, fertility, weight management/ body shaping, status symbol, healing, protection, rights of passage, intimacy/ seduction, etc. 

Q: Why do women wear waist beads today?

A: Women nowadays typically wear waist beads to embrace their femininity, healing, protection, weight management, and sensuality. Some women wear them solely for adornment purposes. Others wear them because they are a confidence booster, they love the way they look and how the waist beads make them feel. Traditionally waist beads were worn under clothing hidden from sight only for a woman's husband to see. Now some women choose to show them on the bare stomach, and others wear them over clothing.


Q: Do the different colors have meanings?

A: Yes. See our Color Meanings section.


Q: Do the crystal beads/ gemstones have meanings?

A: Yes. See our Crystal Directory

Q: How do waist beads help with weight lost/ management?

A: Waist beads are a simple and effective tool to monitor your weight/ size. If your waist beads begin to get tighter, roll up, or even pop you know that you are getting bigger. As your waist beads begin to fall lower and lower you know that you are losing weight.

Q: How do I measure myself for waist beads?

A: Use a tape measure to measure where you would like your waist bead to fall around your waist in inches.


See How to Measure for further instructions

Q: How do I tie on my waist beads?

A: All our waist beads come with clasps – so there is no need to tie them.

Q: Can I wear waist beads while pregnant/ how do I measure while pregnant?


A: Yes. You can either measure below your baby bump, across your navel, or slightly above the navel. It is all about personal preference. Keep in mind that if you measure across your baby bump (navel) or above as your belly grows your waist beads will slide up higher little by little. 


See How to Measure for further instructions.

Q: Can babies, toddlers, and young girls wear waist beads?


A: Yes.

Q: How do I properly care for my waist beads?

A: See Care Instructions.

Q: Can I bathe in my waist beads?

A: Yes, you can bathe in most of our custom-made designs.

See Care Instructions.

Q: How do I cleanse and set intentions with my waist beads?

A: You can cleanse your waist beads by simply burning sage or sage along with other dried herbs. You could also use a singing bowl to allow the sound frequency to cleanse your waist beads. After it is clear and pure, your waist bead is ready to receive your energy and intentions. Take a moment to connect with it, hold your waist bead in your hands, notice how it feels and be clear about what you want to use it for. Set aside sometime to meditate and then say aloud to your waist bead what your purpose/intentions are for it. Finish the session with gratitude.