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How to Measure

To accurately measure for your waist beads, follow these simple steps: Stand up straight and relax your abdomen. Using a flexible tape measure, gently wrap it around your waist where you desire the beads to rest. Ensure the tape is snug but not tight and lies flat against your skin. Note the measurement where the tape meets the starting point. For the best fit, measure over bare skin or light clothing. Choose your waist bead size based on this measurement to enjoy a comfortable and flattering adornment.
Measuring for waist beads during pregnancy requires special attention to comfort and adaptability. Start by standing comfortably and locate your waist's natural indentation or the point just under your belly where the beads will comfortably sit as your belly grows. Use a flexible tape measure, ensuring it's neither too tight nor too loose, allowing for your belly's growth. Measure over light clothing or directly against your skin, and record where the tape measure overlaps. Select your waist bead size based on this measurement, considering extra length for comfort and adjustment during your pregnancy journey

How to Measure: Expecting Mothers

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