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Handcrafted 'Azure Protection' Goddess Waist Bead with deep blue hues and evil eye beads for spiritual safeguarding.

Azure Protection Goddess Waist Bead

Shield your spirit with the 'Azure Protection' Goddess Waist Bead, a handcrafted marvel strung with the powerful evil eye beads. Known for their protective qualities, these beads serve as vigilant guardians against negative energies. Interlaced with deep blue hues, this waist bead is not only an accessory but a symbol of defense and positive energy.


 With our array of sizes, from XS to XXL, we ensure a regal fit for every Tempress. Should you require a unique fit, reach out, and we shall tailor it to your decree.


                                                          Sizing is as followed

XS: 24-25”

S : 26-27”

M: 28-30”

L: 31-33”

XL: 34-35 ”

XXL: 36-37 “



  • Additional Details

    Crafted on Durable Nylon String for longevity, with options for Cotton String or Stretch Elastic String (No Clasp) available upon request, each waist bead is MADE TO ORDER, making it a personalized, non-refundable treasure.

Clasp Color
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