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Spiritual Cleansing Kit with Palo Santo, floral sage, and mini Florida Water, ideal for comprehensive energy cleansing and purification rituals.

Cleansing Kit ✨

Embark on a journey of purification and energetic renewal with our Spiritual Cleansing Kit, thoughtfully curated to support you in maintaining a space of clarity, positivity, and light.


  • Floral Sage Stick: Ignite the path to purification with our Floral Sage Stick, a beautiful blend of traditional white sage and vibrant, aromatic florals. As the sage cleanses and dispels negativity, the floral notes elevate the energy, inviting peace and positive vibrations into your space.

  • Palo Santo: Revered for its spiritually uplifting properties, our Palo Santo invites you to immerse in its sweet, woodsy aroma, known to clear negative energies and elevate your spiritual connection. Sustainably sourced, each stick serves as a bridge to the divine, enhancing meditation and safeguarding your space.

  • Mini Florida Water: A compact companion for your spiritual and daily practices, our Mini Florida Water offers a cascade of uplifting and purifying properties, ensuring you can maintain a cleansed and vibrant aura wherever you go.


Each element within this kit has been carefully selected to support you in maintaining a space and spirit that is free from negativity, enriched with positive energy, and conducive to growth, healing, and spiritual development. Whether utilized in daily rituals, meditation, or spiritual practices, our Spiritual Cleansing Kit is your companion in cultivating a sanctuary of peace, purity, and positive energy.


Note: Please remember to ensure proper ventilation when using this sage stick, and never leave it unattended while it is burning.

  • Size

    Length: 4"

    Florida Water: 22ml

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