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Crystal Infused Water Bottle

Crystal Infused Water Bottle

Indulge in a unique hydration experience with our Gemstone Infused Water Bottle - a vital accessory for your holistic lifestyle. This bottle allows you to nourish your body with crystal-infused water, helping to manifest your intentions for a balanced and centered life.


Crafted with a dedicated gempod, our glass water bottle permits you to incorporate small tumbled gemstones into your beverage. This separate compartment offers you the flexibility to introduce new crystals or exchange them with your favored stones, all without needing a brand-new bottle.


Adorned with a striking Metatron Cube graphic, this water bottle comes with a handy neoprene sleeve, supporting your dynamic, on-the-go lifestyle. Packaged in an attractive retail-ready box, this bottle makes the ideal gift for crystal healing enthusiasts. They will relish concocting their unique gem tonic recipes and consuming them daily.


The Metatron Cube's design encompasses all existing shapes, the building blocks of all physical matter, including crystals and human DNA. Symbolizing the physical body and our third-dimensional reality of manifested thought, the cube stands for inner divine knowledge, human spiritual progression, and for healing and clearing away lower energies.



Note: These bottles are currently on PREORDER. As soon as they are in stock, they will be shipped to you.

  • Size

    1 bottle

    Approx. 7 cm diameter x 27 cm height - 500 ml

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