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"Ethereal 'Heavenly Hues' Goddess Waist Bead, handcrafted with genuine rose quartz for love and healing.

Heavenly Hues Goddess Waist Bead

Wrap yourself in the celestial embrace of the 'Heavenly Hues' Goddess Waist Bead, meticulously hand-beaded with genuine rose quartz. Each stone is a testament to love and compassion, offering not just an adornment for your waist, but a touchstone for emotional healing and connection. Paired with serene blues, this beadwork captures the essence of the sky at dusk, reflecting your inner grace and the quiet power of love that you carry.


 With our array of sizes, from XS to XXL, we ensure a regal fit for every Tempress. Should you require a unique fit, reach out, and we shall tailor it to your decree.


                                                          Sizing is as followed

XS: 24-25”

S : 26-27”

M: 28-30”

L: 31-33”

XL: 34-35 ”

XXL: 36-37 “



  • Additional Details

    Crafted on Durable Nylon String for longevity, with options for Cotton String or Stretch Elastic String (No Clasp) available upon request, each waist bead is MADE TO ORDER, making it a personalized, non-refundable treasure.

Clasp Color
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