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"The Empress" Goddess Waist Bead

"The Empress" Goddess Waist Bead

Rise, Tempress, and bask yourself in the opulence of 'The Empress' Goddess Waistbead. This exquisite creation is a symphony of glass seed beads in majestic gold, profound blue, and renewing green tones, each bead meticulously curated to crown your waist with splendor. With its lustrous gold clasp closure, this adornment is not only a jewel upon your waist but a symbol of your sovereignty and grace. Each bead is a note in the anthem of your life's rich tapestry, a celebration of the power and beauty that you hold within.


Designed to be a versatile treasure in your wardrobe, 'The Empress' resonates with the vibrancy of life and the luxury of self-expression. Whether it's a statement piece for a special occasion or a cherished companion in your daily reign, it's made to measure up to your royal standards.


 With our array of sizes, from XS to XXL, we ensure a regal fit for every Tempress. Should you require a unique fit, reach out, and we shall tailor it to your decree.


                                                          Sizing is as followed

XS: 24-25”

S : 26-27”

M: 28-30”

L: 31-33”

XL: 34-35 ”

XXL: 36-37 “



  • Additional Details

    Crafted on Durable Nylon String for longevity, with options for Cotton String or Stretch Elastic String (No Clasp) available upon request, each waist bead is MADE TO ORDER, making it a personalized, non-refundable treasure.

Clasp Color
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