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Coconut Dream

Coconut Dream

Escape into a tropical reverie with our Coconut Dream Candle, a luscious blend that transports your senses to serene beaches and sun-kissed shores. Adorned with dried coconut slices and cornflower, this candle invites you to immerse yourself in the rich, creamy aroma of coconut, enveloping your space with a scent that is both exotic and comforting. Allow the Coconut Dream Candle to whisk you away, providing a sweet, dreamy backdrop that invites relaxation and whispers of distant shores and tranquil seas.


Committed to your safety and well-being, our fragrance oil is consciously free from Paraben, Phthalate, Lyral, and Lilial. Allow the subtle, sweet aroma of vanilla to envelop your space, creating a cozy and peaceful retreat.

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    All-Natural Soy Candle


    Scented Candle 

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    All candles are final sale. No returns/Exchanges.


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